Welcome Jenna

Jenna graduated from the University of Delaware in 2018, with her degree in Animal and Food Sciences. At 15 years of age (almost ten years ago! 🙁 ), Jenna started working at a boarding facility that sparked her love for animals. However, she started her journey as a veterinary technician 5 years ago. She has experience in working with emergency and critical care patients, however Jenna’s favorite aspect of the veterinary field is assisting in surgical procedures. Outside of work, Jenna often travels with her fiance to watch him play in a men’s softball tournaments! Currently if she’s not working she is planning her upcoming wedding to take place in June 2020!

Ask us About Therapy Laser

We have recently incorporated therapy laser as a treatment modality at CAVA. Laser therapy uses light to stimulate cells at the point of treatment to reduce inflammation and pain while also increase healing. It is a very safe mode of treatment with no side effects and can be combined with other treatment modalities such as medications, physical therapy, and surgery. Treatments are commonly performed on an outpatient basis with the owner present. Therapy laser can be used to treat a variety of conditions including osteoarthritis, ear infections, skin wounds including select post surgical incisions, orthopedic injuries, and dental/oral inflammation. If you have a pet that you think would benefit from laser therapy give us a call today!

Donation Drive – Please Help

In the spirit of the season we are hoping you all will join us in helping out with a great cause. Tanner’s Endless Love, Inc is collecting supplies to be donated to help Sampson County Shelter, Harnett County Shelter, Vance County Shelter and Facilitate Cat Rescue in North Carolina. These organizations have limited resources and high populations of pets that need assistance.

Tanner’s Endless Love, Inc will be making a trip down to the shelters early next month to deliver donations. Below you can find a wish list of supplies needed. We will be collecting materials at the office with a deadline of Saturday, December 7th. Thank you for considering contributing to bettering the circumstances of these animals in need.

● Dry & Canned Kitten Food
● Dry & Caned Puppy Food
● Dry Adult Food
● Dog Treats
● Paper Towels
● Clorox Wipes
● BLUE Dawn Dish soap
● Pee Pads
● Cat Litter (clumping or non-clumping)
● Nylabones
● Cat Toys
● Laundry Detergent
● Kitchen Trash Bags
● Bleach
● Dog Toys
● Cat Toys
● Gallon Ziplock Bags
● Rubber Balls
● Rubber Plastic Chew Toys

Fear Free at CAVA

As you know Companion Animal Veterinary Associates is the first and only Fear Free Certified practice in Delaware. What you may not know is that each of our team members has the opportunity to become certified individually. Kudos to Heather, Becca, Lissa, Jenna and Darion for completing their Fear Free certification. They are readily available to discuss fear free methods with you before, during, or after your pet’s appointment.

Fear Free Happy Homes has a great website filled with informational resources for pet owners. And best of all it is free!

Joining Fear Free Happy Homes gives members access to:

  • A growing library of articles, tips, tricks, and other resources to enhance their pet’s emotional well-being and provide them with the best in-home enrichment
  • One-of-a-kind educational videos with fun, easy-to-implement tips
  • Veterinary visit handouts to make their next visit Fear Free
  • Discounts on pet products & services
  • The Fear Free online directory to locate Fear Free veterinary and pet professionals

Take a minute and sign up today so that you can take advantage of this great informational resource.

Make yours a fear free happy home.

What is Point of Care Service?

Point of care service includes preventative or diagnostic testing that is performed at the site where your pet receives care. CAVA offers a variety of testing options that can be completed at the time of your pet’s visit. Having the results of these tests available at the time of the initial appointment helps to determine the next best step for your pet in a more timely fashion. This may mean treatment selection, further diagnostic testing, or referral to a specialty facility. At CAVA we offer both biochemistry and hematology bloodwork, complete urinalysis, screening for common infectious diseases, radiology imaging, and microscopic evaluation of skin, ears, and select mass lesions.

Often pet owners are worried about what testing may reveal. If done on a regular basis, preventative care testing establishes a normal baseline for your pet and allows trending of any mild abnormalities. Detecting underlying problems before advanced clinical signs develop will allow more treatment options and often results in more effective long term management. Ask us how preventative and point of care service can benefit your pet today.

Accepting New Patients

One of the best compliments that we can receive is the personal referral of your friends and family.  If you have had a positive visit with us, please take the time to share your experience with others. There are several easy ways that you can help spread the word about Companion Animal Veterinary Associates. Also, please take a minute to complete our post visit survey. Your feedback and comments will help our team grow.

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