In The Community

We will be attending several community events in the upcoming months. Please look for our CAVA table at:

*Mayfest in Odessa May 4th at the Corbit Calloway Library

*Pets in the Park on June 7-8 at Glasgow Park in Bear

*The Middletown Peach Festival on August 17th

*Townsend Fair on September September 28th at the Municipal Park

At each event we will have doctors and staff on site to answer any animal related questions and discuss our Fear Free practice techniques. We will also have a variety of games, prizes and raffles at each event.

Thank you to our supporters who cast a vote for us in the First State Favorites. As a new business, we were excited to be named runner up for veterinary practices in Middletown! We could not do it without our wonderful clients.

Fear Free at CAVA

Nail trimming – some pets are cooperative and some pets dread the process. Often pets are presented to us to have their nails trimmed. Our goal is to accomplish this task with the least amount of fear, anxiety and stress (FAS) to your pet. We like to provide nervous or anxious pets with a calming pheromone infused bandanna. Pheromones are naturally produced scent hormones that can impact animals of the same species. The Ceva company has formulated pheromone products that highlight the calming benefits to pets. Therefore a few minutes of exposure to a pheromone infused bandanna can work to relax a mildly nervous pet. We also utilize a wide variety of treats. Food can be a great distraction for pets and can also work as positive reinforcement for training a pet to have their nails trimmed. For pets that experience a higher level of stress and anxiety related to nail trimming, we often recommend anti anxiety medication to be administered at home a couple of hours prior to attempting the nail trim. All of these techniques can be utilized at home as well as in our facility.

For pets that have had a negative experience with nail trimming in the past, we need to work with them in a stepwise fashion to get them used to having their feet handled and nails trimmed. This may start with handling of the feet, having the nail trimmers in close proximity to the feet, having the nail trimmers touch the feet, and then progressing to the actual nail trimming. It is important at each step to reinforce good behavior and not push the pet if they are experiencing fear, anxiety and stress. Check out the informative video below for more on this topic!

Pheromone Use for our Pets

We carry a full line of pheromone products to help reduce anxiety and stress in our pets. Ceva has developed a variety of products that can work in the home, for travel, and for other stress inducing situations outside of the home. Please ask us how these products may benefit your pet and which formulation would be most appropriate.

Heartworms and Cats

Heartworm protection for dogs is commonly utilized; but what about our feline companions? The same parasite that affects dogs, Dirofilaria immitis, can also be transmitted to cats through the bite of an infected mosquito. Fun fact: often mosquitoes are more attracted to cats because of their slightly higher body temperatures. Both indoor and outdoor cats are susceptible to infection, as mosquitoes can enter a residence through windows and doors. Cats infected with heartworms can show a variety of clinical signs, including breathing changes, coughing, vomiting, lethargy, and even sudden death. The presence of just a single heartworm in a cat can produce dire consequences. Luckily there are great preventative medications available for cats. Revolution is an anti-parasitic medication that is applied topically to the back of your cat’s neck once a month. It not only protects your cat by preventing any immature heartworms introduced by mosquitoes from developing into mature worms. but it also protects against several intestinal parasites, fleas, and ear mites as well. While testing for heartworms in cats is available with a small blood sample, it is not essential to test prior to initiating heartworm preventative. Revolution is a great addition to a preventative care plan intended to keep your cat healthy. Ask us about getting your cat started on prevention today.

Accepting New Patients

One of the best compliments that we can receive is the personal referral of your friends and family.  If you have had a positive visit with us, please take the time to share your experience with others. There are several easy ways that you can help spread the word about Companion Animal Veterinary Associates.

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