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We have recently incorporated a pre-visit questionnaire into our appointment confirmation emails. Please take a few minutes to tell us a little bit about your pet, including their likes as well as their reservations surrounding the visit to the veterinarian. As both Dr. Crosier and Dr. Russell are Fear Free certified professionals the information you provide will allow recommendations to be made to improve your pet’s veterinary experience. We have also initiated a post-visit survey which will be linked to your invoice after your visit. Please take a few minutes to let us know how we are doing.

Welcome Lissa. Lissa is the newest Veterinary Technician at Companion Animal Veterinary Associates. Lissa spent the last 5 years at a Banfield Pet Hospital as Veterinary Assistant. She has worked at a total of 4 other veterinary clinics since completing her certification. Growing up, she had many different pets and always had a deep love of animals. She lives with her family, and 11 year old rescue Chihuahua named Dexter. 

Do You Use Nutramax Products?

Dr. Russell and Dr. Crosier both recommend the Nutramax line of nutritional supplements due to their quality products and science based evidence regarding efficacy. Nutramax has a variety of products that help to support joint health, liver health, bladder health, gastrointestinal health as well as mental health and calm. Nutramax offers a variety of product rebates and now these rebates can all be managed through a client specific on line account. Please visit the following link to learn more and redeem your savings. We are happy to provide additional information regarding any of their products including how they may benefit your pet.


Fear Free and CAVA

As part of our fear free practice philosophy we utilize a lot of treats during our outpatient appointments. You may notice not only regular dog treats but also items like squeeze cheese and peanut butter. The treats provide multiple benefits to the patient experience. They not only assist in keeping the pet distracted but will also help to associate the visit with something positive. Is your pet on limited ingredient diet – don’t worry we have a selection of hypoallergenic treats as well. You may notice that after a few visits the dogs in particular learn where the treats are kept. We encourage you to bring your pet to their appointment a little hungry to they are more interested in the treats we offer. And you are always welcome to bring your pet’s favorite treats from home.

Is That Peanut Butter Safe?

Speaking of treats, peanut butter is a treat commonly utilized for medication administration, as a kong filler and as a great distraction tool. Some peanut butter brands are now using an artificial sweetener called xylitol in their formulations. This sweetener is toxic to dogs and can cause liver, gastrointestinal, and blood sugar abnormalities. Please be sure to read all product labels closely before purchasing peanut butter for your four-legged companion.

Infectious Disease Testing in Cats

Our feline companions can be affected two significant and potentially life threatening viral infections, feline leukemia virus (Felv) and feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Cats that have exposure to the outdoors, including neighboring and feral cats, are most at risk. Felv can be transmitted through casual contact and sharing community food dishes. FIV requires more direct contact such as a bite wound or scratch. FIV may also be transmitted through breeding. Once acquired, there is no cure for either of these infections. A simple test requiring only 3 drops of blood can be performed in our office to screen cats for both of these infectious diseases and we recommend testing all cats at least once. Consider testing if your cat

*is new to your household and has not been previously tested

*spends any time outdoors, especially if they have a history of fighting with other cats

*has any signs of illness including poor appetite, weight loss, or diarrhea

There are several steps that can be taken to help protect your cat from these viral infections. Please contact us for more information or to schedule a blood test for your cat today.

Accepting New Patients

One of the best compliments that we can receive is the personal referral of your friends and family.  If you have had a positive visit with us, please take the time to share your experience with others. There are several easy ways that you can help spread the word about Companion Animal Veterinary Associates.

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