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Our Mission

Companion Animal Veterinary Associates strives to provide lifetime wellness and medical care for companion animals by educating the client and making care a team endeavor between the veterinary staff and pet owner, taking into account the owner’s individual needs and abilities. Our doctors and staff have a passion for animal health and well-being with deep appreciation for the importance of the human animal bond. Our practice focuses on the principles of fear free, positivity, forward thinking, and efficiency. We strive to work in a place of mutual respect with a well-educated team.

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Our Veterinary Services

Companion Animal Veterinary Associates provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the needs of you and your pet, regardless of age, breed or health status.

Wellness and Preventative Care

We recommend yearly wellness examinations for all pets. Physical examination of growing puppies and kittens as well as senior and geriatric patients will be recommended on a more frequent basis. Our wellness appointments incorporate a full physical exam, discussion about recommended vaccinations, education and counseling about appropriate parasite prevention and testing, and for some pets, metabolic testing and lab work.

Companion Animal Parasite Council

American Heartworm Society


Companion Animal Veterinary Associates recommends that all pets be microchipped. This not only provides a permanent means of identification for your pet, it also helps to ensure that your pet is more likely to be returned to you if unexpectedly lost. Please ask us about microchipping your pet today.

Home Again

Senior Care

As our pets live longer, appropriate care that is directed towards their changing needs is a must. The veterinarians and staff at Companion Animal Veterinary Associates want to give you the information and tools to provide your mature pet with the best quality of life. Conditions that more often affect our mature animals include dental disease, vision impairments, arthritis, skin growths, obesity, heart disease, and cognitive decline. Routine lab work can help to identify early metabolic changes, including diabetes, thyroid disease, and kidney disease. For most diagnosed conditions there are medical and nutritional treatment options that can be instituted to help manage the medical condition and allow your pet live with good quality of life.

Help ‘Em Up Harness

Managing Canine Arthritis

Cognitive Dysfunction Assessment Chart

Sick Care

We provide medical services for pets dealing with a wide range of illnesses. Intervention early in the course of disease can often lead to faster and more effective management of abnormal symptoms observed at home.

Veterinary Partner

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Dental disease is the most common health condition in dogs and cats, and often is a significant factor for pets as young as 2 years of age. The doctors and staff at Companion Animal Veterinary Associates will provide you with the education and tools needed to help keep your pet’s oral health in good condition. We provide oral health assessments for your pet, routine dental prophylaxis, and treatment of teeth affected by tartar, periodontal disease or trauma. Dental radiology (x-ray) is an important diagnostic tool that we utilize to help make the best treatment recommendation for your pet.

Veterinary Oral Health Council

General Surgery

Our veterinary and nursing team provides individualized care for your pet requiring general surgery. We provide services ranging from dermal growth removals, spay and neuter surgeries, bladder and abdominal surgeries, and select ocular surgeries. We always recommend a pre-surgical appointment so that we can fully evaluate the health of your pet prior to surgery and develop an individualized care plan for your pet. This also gives us an opportunity to review anesthesia, which is a common anxiety inducing term for most pet parents, and the lengths we take to make it is as safe as possible. Financial expectations and post-operative home care will be reviewed prior to any scheduled surgery as well.

Spaying and Neutering


Companion Animal Veterinary Associates utilizes advanced digital radiology technology in order to achieve high quality x-ray images in the most efficient manner. Radiographs can be integrated into an outpatient appointment, but occasionally sedation and/or a longer appointment time may be indicated.

Health Certificates

Pets require a formal health certificate within 10 days of any interstate or international travel. Health certificates require a full physical examination. For pets traveling internationally, the requirements for entry vary from one country to another. We are happy to help you in completing the necessary requirements and documentation in preparation for travel. Information regarding each country can be found on the USDA website. Crosier is certified by APHIS to provide international travel certificates.

USDA Pet Travel

Hospice and Palliative Care

Sometimes we are faced with a terminal diagnosis for our beloved pet.  The doctors and staff at Companion Animal Veterinary Associates understand that this is an emotional and stressful time for the entire family, and want to work with you to make your pet’s time as comfortable as possible.  We can provide appropriate pain management, discuss modifications of the home environment to increase patient comfort, and provide resources regarding end of life care and remembrance.

Day by Day Pet Caregiver Support

End of Life Services

Companion Animal Veterinary Associates provides a separate area within our facility for end of life services. We encourage family to stay with their pet during the euthanasia process. House call services for humane euthanasia may be arranged in select cases. We strive to make the euthanasia process as stress free as possible and work with Delaware Pet Cremation to provide aftercare services and the appropriate memorial for your pet of your choosing.

Delaware Pet Crematorium

Exotic and Small Mammal

Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Crosier provides wellness, medical and surgical care for variety of small mammals including rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rodents, and hedgehogs. She also provides wellness and medical services for avian companions. Often these animals hide signs of illness very well, so it is important to schedule routine wellness exams and to have these special pets checked at the first signs of illness. Grooming services such as nail and wing trims can be scheduled for current patients that we have seen for a full examination within the last 12 months.

House Rabbit Society

The American Ferret Association


Nutrition and weight management is an important part of your pet’s overall wellness. Pet owners are presented with many options for pet foods and the choices can seem overwhelming. We will provide you with recommendations regarding the appropriate food and amounts to feed your pet based on body condition, activity level, and overall health. In some cases, a prescription diet may be indicated to help manage a chronic medical condition.

Nestle Purina Body Condition Assessment Form

Balance It



Companion Animal Veterinary Associates offers full range Fear Free grooming services from nail trims to sedated grooming.  Contact the office for inquiries regarding your pet’s grooming needs.

Meet Us

Dr. Michelle Crosier

Dr. Michelle Crosier loves interacting with her patients and her clients. She strives to make everyone’s experience at the veterinary office fun and stress free. Her goal is to have a well-educated pet owner that can make the best decisions for the care of their pet(s). Dr. Crosier has an interest in exotic animal medicine, and provides medical care for a variety of small mammals in addition to dogs and cats. Her other veterinary interests include dentistry, pain management, senior care and preventative medicine.

Daughter of an Air Force pilot, Dr. Crosier spent much of her childhood in Camden, DE. She completed her undergraduate studies at Washington College in Chestertown, MD and attended veterinary school at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, N.C. She worked as a small animal general practitioner in both the Annapolis and northern Delaware areas before opening Companion Animal Veterinary Associates in 2018 with Dr. Jeanette Russell. She lives in Middletown with her husband Dennis, children Erik and Paige, and multiple pets. Her hobbies include baking, scrapbooking, and horseback riding.

Dr. Elizabeth Riemer

Dr. Elizabeth Riemer loves forming the bond between her patients and clients.  She aspires to educate and inform clients as well as create the best plan for her patients and their owners.  She also enjoys creating a welcoming space for doggie kisses and kitty snuggles.  Dr. Riemer’s interests include dentistry and senior care. 

Dr. Riemer grew up in southern California and received her bachelor’s of science at Point Loma Nazarene University in beautiful San Diego. She then earned her veterinary degree at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Riemer now resides in Middletown with her two kids and fluffy pets. Her hobbies include gardening, macrame crafting, and health/wellness. 

Dr. Jeanette Russell

Dr. Jeanette Russell is a small animal veterinarian who views her job as a team sport. She enjoys educating her clients and giving them the tools necessary to make the best choices for their pets. Dr. Russell seeks to build trust and form a bond with her patients, as well as their people, to create an enjoyable in-office experience and individualized care. She is not afraid to bribe her patients with treats to get on their good side and is known for her sarcastic sense of humor.

Born and raised in Delaware, Dr. Russell earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Delaware before heading to the University of Georgia where she earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. She then completed a one-year small animal rotating internship at VCA Newark Animal Hospital before going into general practice.

Dr. Nicole Hooten

Dr. Nicole Hooten, loves building a relationship with each and every patient along with their owners and fostering the human animal bond. Her interests include preventative medicine, endocrinology and dentistry.

Dr. Ferrara grew up in New York and moved to Delaware shortly before high school. She received her bachelor’s of science at the University of Delaware. She then earned her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine located in St. Kitts and spent her clinical year at North Carolina State University. She currently has 2 dogs (a Dalmatian and a husky) along with 2 island kitties who keep her and her husband’s life interesting. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the great outdoors with her pups, traveling, cooking, and spending time with her niece.

Fear Free

The doctors and staff at Companion Animal Veterinary Associates want to make the experience of visiting us as easy and stress free as possible for our patients as well as for our pet parents.


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